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Holtz Fungo

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Fungos are used by coaches to hit grounders and fly balls during practice. The best fungo bat is substantially lighter than a game bat, making it easier to hit the ball, more often.

The drop weights used (length - ounces = drop weight) best balance ease of swing with durability. For example, a 34” all-purpose Fungo (the most popular length) is 22 ounces.

Most coaches prefer a Fungo as it gives the most control to hit to specific spots on the field.

Fungo bats are dual purpose: used for infield and outfield practice.

Whether you’re looking for a Fungo bat as a post-season gift for a coach or for you to work out your team, we’re confident you’ll love your Holtz Bat Fungo for a long time. We will customize anything for your teams colors within 2 weeks.

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