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Our Story

Constantly looking for ways to impact others through the game, the concept behind Holtz Bats was born in 2017. Coming home from work one day to find his youngest son, Brett at the table doing homework, he greets him, “Hey just wanted to tell you I started a bat company today.”


After years of dealing with miscommunication and inventory demand issues with other vendors, Eric decided to open up his own operation and from 2017 on, Holtz Bats have been swung in countless collegiate summer leagues, independent leagues, affiliated ball, and most recently throughout Europe in countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Israel, France, and more.


Our personal family history goes further back in Europe where Eric and his family learned that their Polish ancestry was the first Jewish family in their town to have their own lumber company. Some can say it is the Holtz family’s destiny to once again be in the lumber business but infused into the game Eric has come to love.


At the end of the day, what separates us is not just the pro-quality wood but the prices we offer, our story, and what it says about the type of hitter you are and are trying to be by swinging Holtz Bats.

About Eric


Eric Holtz, to some, maybe the Montefiore YES Network guy, to others, the former Manager of the Israeli National Team who made it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. To those around him, more often than not, he is either running his premier baseball/softball training facility, Game On 13, or at some game, whether playing or coaching. The man does not stop when it comes to the game of baseball. He has coached all talent levels from three different continents to a mile away from his house over the last 20 years, spanning from five years old to former big leaguers.


That makes Eric appealing to so many; he does not care how good you are or what experience you bring to the table. If you give him your all and attempt to match his unwavering passion for the game, he will do the same for you but in a fun, relatable and constructive way. This is what has gotten Eric on billboards and international televised sporting events.


Eric Holtz is someone who is his most authentic self at all times. “What you see with me is what you get” is a famed expression of his. He leads with honesty, passion, and a constant desire to improve himself and those around him. Holtz Bats is a direct reflection of how Eric feels about the game. Playing at the pro level and now for countless men’s teams at 55, he refuses to give in to old age. He scratches and claws for every inning in front of him because he does not want it to be the last time he steps up to the plate. This is the type of hitter we want using our product, and this is whom we want to be part of the Holtz Bats family.

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